Prolific Spalding shoplifter has been removed from the UK

Mantas Kizevicius
Mantas Kizevicius

A Lithuanian man has been removed from UK.

A prolific Spalding shoplifter has been removed from the UK following a term of imprisonment

Mantas Kizevicius (24), of no fixed abode, was previously sentenced to 30 weeks in prison when he appeared before Boston Magistrates. On Monday 8th March he was removed from the UK.

Spalding Community Inspector, Jim Tyner, said: “Kizevicius’s heroin addiction has resulted in him leading a lifestyle where he has repeatedly stolen from local stores, sometimes multiple times in just one day. He had appeared before the courts on a number of occasions and been offered the opportunity to change his ways and engage with agencies who could help him. Instead, he continued to re-offend, having a very negative impact on our communities and local businesses. I am pleased that this action will remove him from the UK”.