MP Leigh calls for tax reforms in Commons

Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh has spoken out about the Chancellor’s budget for 2013 in the House of Commons.

Mr Leigh argued that the Government needs to ‘focus on working families and individuals who have been hardest hit by the economic crisis’.

“We are dealing with a desperate situation,” Mr Leigh told the Commons.

“We should put at the forefront of our minds the appalling human tragedy of ordinary people who are being put out of work and who cannot find work.”

He continued: “The problems we face are difficult, complex, and international.”

Mr Leigh added: “It would be much better to have a flatter, simpler form of taxation so that people make their own decisions and do not rely on Government handouts, and so that we do not have a huge industry based on evasion and avoidance.”

The Gainsborough MP argued that structural reform is needed to Britain’s system of tax collection to make it simpler, cheaper, easier to use, and more competitive.

Mr Leigh also queried the Government’s reluctance to recognise marriage when collecting taxes.

He went on: “Why have we not fulfilled our pledge to introduce a married person’s tax allowance?”

A spokesman from Mr Leigh’s office said: “The United Kingdom is one of only two countries in the entire developed world that does not recognise married couples for the purposes of income tax.”

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