Gainsborough’s MP backs Michael Gove for Conservative Party leader

Sir Edward Leigh
Sir Edward Leigh

Gainsborough’s MP is backing Michael Gove to lead the Conservative Party.

This comes after Prime Minister Theresa May said she will be standing down as leader.

Sir Edward Leigh said he is supporting the Environment Secretary because of his “proven experience”.

Sir Edward, who has been a Conservative MP since the 1980s, said: “I have to support someone who has long-term, proven ministerial experience in getting things done, who voted leave in the referendum and who has a chance of uniting the party and thereby delivering Brexit.”

Other MPs running to become leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister include Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom and Jeremy Hunt.

Theresa May said she will stand down as leader on June 7, but has confirmed that she will not leave the position until a new Conservative leader has been selected.

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