Police shed security warning

GAINSBOROUGH’S gardeners and residents are being warned by Lincolnshire Police to ensure that their sheds are secure as the spring approaches.

Officers have been asking residents and those with allotments to be vigilant with the security of their sheds and the valuables within them as garden equipment is brought out again.

Insp Gary Stewart said that they were keen to crack down on such thefts in the coming months with the awareness and co-operation of the general public.

“Not only is the advice to ensure your property is kept secure, but also to report any incidents to the Police,” he said.

He added: “Sometimes people do not report thefts from sheds but if we have all the information on break ins it helps us to build up a crime pattern and sometimes this helps to identify a suspect.”

The advice given by officers is:

• If items are of high value do not keep them in the shed, keep them if possible in a secure garage.

• Consider using security lights and a shed alarm.

• Use high-quality padlocks.

• Consider bolting larger items to the floor of the shed or chaining them together to make them awkward to move.

• It is a good idea to security mark larger items, with a postcode for example. This makes it easier for officers to return goods to the rightful owner when they are recovered.

• Residents should also consider ‘locking shed bars’ which are available from Lincolnshire Police’s Community Safety Unit for £35 by contacting them on 0300 111 0300

• If residents would like advice on security contact their NPT, details of all NPTs are on the Lincolnshire Police website at www.lincs.police.uk.

For more info or if you witness any suspicious activity call 0300 111 0300.