Police crackdown on nuisance bikers

Motobikes on Roses Sports Ground
Motobikes on Roses Sports Ground

NUISANCE bikers are wreaking havoc on play areas and sports fields in Gainsborough, resulting in vehicles being seized.

Motorbikes, mopeds and quad bikes are becoming a real problem for local residents, who simply want to use the recreational spaces without feeling intimidated.

Police have launched a crackdown on the culprits, and they want YOUR help to catch them in the act.

On Saturday police officers seized a moped after reports of it being driven in an anti-social way on Roseway car park in town.

The driver had only recently been issued with warning under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act, that if he was caught riding again, the moped would be seized.

He will now have to pay £150 for its release, plus £20 per day storage.

“This is the first vehicle we have seized in a while. Normally people heed our warning the first time round and don’t do it again,” said PCSO Chris Pearson from Gainsborough Town South team.

In recent weeks, Section 59 warnings have been given to riders in a number of hotspots around Gainsborough, including Castle Hills Wood and Mercer Wood where mini-motos and quads were being ridden.

PCSO Tracey Burnett explained: “The warnings are given to people using vehicles in an anti-social manner, whether on roads or on common or private land.”

“If they get a second warning the vehicle is seized.”

Other problem areas include Roses Sports Ground, off North Warren Road, the Riverside path behind Roses, and the area around Aisby Walk and the skatepark.

The photos above were taken by a local resident who said:

“These folk were burning it up on Roses football pitches and making so much noise you could hear it in Morton.”

“They also ride bikes up and down the Riverside path frightening the walkers.”

PCSO Burnett urged anyone who sees such behaviour should contact the police on the 101 non-emergency number.

“Descriptions of the offenders and their vehicles are helpful, and photos are even better because we can pass them around the station to see if we can identify them.”

“Then we can go and give the person some words of advice.”

Coun David Dobbie, who represents Gainsborough north ward, said it had been a problem for years, and one that reared its head every summer.

Jimmy Snee, environmental officer for Gainsborough Town Council, said: “It is a problem on Roses because it ruins the cricket surface. People can help us by calling 101 straight away.”