Police 24 hour Twitter event


EVER wanted to know what the police get up to all day?

On Saturday 6th October you will find out as the Gainsborough beat team give a running commentary using social media.

Police Community Support Officers Chris Pearson and Laura Fletcher will post messages on Facebook and Twitter over a 24 hour period.

They will log details of crimes and incidents they deal with.

PCSOs Pearson and Fletcher will start by logging Friday night’s activity in the town, then everything they deal with on Saturday.

And there will be a round-up of crimes and incidents that happen over night on Saturday.

PCSO Pearson said the aim was to demonstrate the value of PCSOs’ role in the community.

“We want people to have a better understanding of what we do in the town on a day to day basis, how we help the public and how we work with police officers to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour,” he said.

“We also want people in Gainsborough to get a better idea of the volume of incidents that happen in the town, the types of crimes and issues that are most common and what we do to tackle them.”

“We’ll be Tweeting with the hashtag #gainsboroughpolice and if you search Gainsborough Police you’ll find us on Facebook.”

“There will be loads of updates and pictures and we want people to ask us questions about our role and what we are up to.”

The details you need to take part are:

• www.facebook.com/gainsboroughpolice

• @GainsboroughPol on Twitter

• #gainsboroughpolice is the event hashtag

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