Plans for more bobbies on the beat


NOTTS residents are being asked if they would be willing to pay an increase in council tax to help fund more police officers on the county’s streets.

Proposals would see a further 100 frontline officers, 56 more police community support officers (PCSOs) and additional support staff across Notts.

The police authority says the option of a 3.99 per cent rise in the police’s proportion of the council tax bill for 2012-13 will only mean a ‘few pence a week more’.

Vice-chair of the authority and county councillor for Worksop East Glynn Gilfoyle said the move would help protect local communities.

“Notts residents have consistently told us that they want to see a stronger police presence which has helped to develop our thoughts,” he added.

“We believe that although this plan represents a small additional cost to hard working families, it will help to protect local communities and safeguard our ability to detect more crime in the future.”

Notts Police must save a further £11.6m in 2012-13 following reduction in Government funding.

The authority intends to prioritise recruitment from PCSOs and Special Constables into police officer roles.

The proposals would see the council tax bill on a Band D property increase from £160.11 to £166.50. Band A or Band B properties would pay an extra £4.26 per year and £4.97 per year, respectively.

Notts Police Authority chairman Jon Collins said his priority is to make Notts safer.

“So far, we’ve limited the impact of any cuts on the frontline, which has helped to protect performance,” he said.

“However, the more we hack away at our assets to meet on-going savings pressures, the greater the risk of regression. It is vital we act now if we are to secure our future success.”

Mr Collins added that no decision will be made until residents have been given the opportunity to express their own views on the police budget and their policing priorities for the year ahead.

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