PICTURE GALLERY: Flying Scotsman steams into Nottinghamshire

The Flying Scotsman steamed into Nottinghamshire today for the first of its two visits to the county this week.

The famous locomotive stopped to take on water in Retford on its way to London this morning.

The Flying Scotsman arrives at Retford station

The Flying Scotsman arrives at Retford station

And the train will be passing back through the town again tomorrow (Thursday) as it makes its way to York ahead of a series of special events, following a ten-year multi-million pound restoration.

It will be leaving London King’s Cross at 7.40am, passing through Retford at 11.18am and then arriving at York at 12.30pm. It will then go on display at the city’s National Railway Museum until March 6 ahead of a tour around the country.

The Flying Scotsman will pass through the area again on June 18 on its way back to London, after making its way from King’s Cross, through Peterborough, then Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln, Gainsborough and Grantham, before returning along the East Coast main line.