Zany tea party fun for lucky Isle youngsters

Sadie Stuchbery with Alice (right) and Rapunzel
Sadie Stuchbery with Alice (right) and Rapunzel

Crazy costumes, party food and plenty of fun were all evident as the Isle became Wonderland for a few hours on bank holiday Monday.

Almost 100 youngsters were swept up in to a land of make believe as the Lex’s Legacy, Pride of the Isle charity staged its Mad Hatter’s Tea Party complete with some of the crazy characters who feature with Alice in the Lewis Carroll adventures.

Everyone dressed up for the occasion and enjoyed games before sitting down to eat and drink at a specially decorated banquet table in an Epworth venue.

Guests included a number of Alice in Wonderlands, a mad hatter or two, Tweedledums and Tweedledees, the Queen of Hearts, a Cheshire cat and numerous other animals and characters.

Pride of the Isle Chair, Leesa Sharpe, said: “Today’s event was a little thank you for everyone who continues to support Pride of the Isle. It was completely free for all the children.

“The day was bright and colourful, full of fun and laughter. All together we had 96 children who enjoyed a crazy two hours at the biggest party in the Isle - a Mad Hatters Tea party. Seeing the children’s and adults’ faces on entering the hall was priceless.

“Alice and Rapunzel sang lots of songs, and danced to popular music while creating bubbles with their bubble machine. The Isle’s Sandra Bishop donated the sandwiches and sausage rolls for the event, and Maxine Strong and helpers made cupcakes.”

Mrs Sharpe continued: “We are a no salary charity who are committed to supporting children and adults who are terminally ill, creating special memories for them and their loved ones. We can help in ways such as buying special adapted trikes for children with disabilities, to give them a better quality of life.. and by serving our own community.”

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party has become an annual event, along with the Lex Feast, a Christmas party and the glittering community awards night each January.

The charity’s next fundraiser will take place on June 24 at the Vulcan Room, Finningley, and will include a full night of entertainment for guests as they sit under and around the beautiful Vulcan.

Pride of the Isle came in to being in memory of the late Alexander Strong of Epworth, who lost his young life to cancer.

To find out more about the charity and its activities visit

January’s Pride of the Isle awards night will be on January 28 from 7pm int he Vulcan Roon, Finningley, when winners of community awards will be honoured.