Sheridan’s dog has talent too

Barbra the pug
Barbra the pug

Star actress Sheridan Smith may have some competition after she uncovered some new showbiz talent in her family, unexpectedly, while visiting friends.

The producers of Channel 4 series Rude Tube took a shine to one of the family dogs she took along with her to see her friend who works on the show, and one thing led to another....

Little pug Barbra (named after Barbra Streisand) was given pride of place sitting on the knee of presenter Alex Zane for the special festive edition.

Sheridan’s rock musician brother Damian Dalton-Smith explained how their little pug, Barbra, got her prominent role. He said: “Sheridan was visiting her good friend Nickie Hyde who works on the show.

“Nickie is, as they call her, ‘Barbra’s Aunty Nickie’, and when they were all in the office together the people who write the show said they wanted her in the show as ‘Bah-Hum Pug’.

“So they actually wrote her in to the show as they wanted her so much.”

Barbra even got her name in the credits and may be invited back in the future, he laughed.

The Smith family is already multi-talented with award-winning actress Sheridan’s brother, Damian, fronting rock band The Torn. They sadly lost their father Colin, last month to cancer. He had performed with their mother Marilyn for many years as singing duo the Daltons, with a strong regional fan base.

Ms Smith finished her stint starring in Funny Girl in the West End last year and has been busy working on location for the upcoming film ‘The More You Ignore Me’, a screen adaptation of comedienne Jo Brand’s critically acclaimed novel.

In her starring role, the actress plays a young mum, Gina, who is battling mental health issues. Her daughter is played by Ella Hunt, with a cast featuring many familiar faces, including Sally Phillips, Sheila Hancock, Ricky Tomlinson, Lisa Stansfield, Tom Davies and Jo Brand herself.The quirky film is set in the 1980s, to music from The Smiths. It examines the impact of mental health issues on the family.