Question time for Isle students

Lord Norton at South Axholme Academy
Lord Norton at South Axholme Academy

An insight in to goings-on in Westminster kept pupils at an Isle academy interested, as they questioned a visiting member of the House of Lords.

Lord Philip Norton of Louth visited South Axholme Academy in a bid to encourage students to become more engaged with the political and parliamentary process.

Lord Norton, who is also Professor of Government, and Director of the Centre for Legislative Studies at the University of Hull, was also the youngest professor of politics in the UK when he was appointed in 1986.

He met with sixth form and year 10 students for an hour.

During that time he spoke about the work and role of the House of Lords, then faced students to answer their many questions on various aspects of the parliamentary process and life at Westminster generally.

Adam Woodland, teacher of history at South Axholme Academy said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to interact with someone who knows the parliamentary system inside out, as it can sometimes seem far removed from their daily lives.”

The visit was arranged through the Lord Speaker’s “Peers in Schools” programme, which has been running across the UK since 2007 and has so far involved around 75,000 young people. This continuing outreach programme sends members of the House of Lords into schools and colleges across the country to give talks in support of the citizenship curriculum.

Lord Norton is the author or editor of 31 books, including ‘The British Polity’, and (with Bill Jones) ‘Politics UK’. His other works include ‘The Constitution in Flux’, ‘Parliament in British Politics’ and ‘A Century of Constitutional Reform’.

He held the position of Chairman of the House of Lords Constitution Committee when it was first created.

Schools and sixth form colleges can apply for a visit by a member of the House of Lords. Members have varied backgrounds as academics, scientists, former teachers, lawyers, former cabinet ministers and civil servants. The House of Lords’ outreach programme encourages people to become involved in its work.