Leader of Bassetlaw District Council announces plan to stand for MP in the next election

Coun Simon Graves
Coun Simon Graves

The leader of Bassetlaw District has announced he is planning to seek selection as the Labour candidate for Bassetlaw.

Following the resignation of Bassetlaw MP, John Mann, after 18 years, Coun Simon Greaves believes he is the 'only candidate who can keep Bassetlaw Labour'.

Coun Simon Greaves said: "Following recent requests from residents, business and local party members I am pleased to announce that I am putting myself forward for selection as Labours Parliamentary Candidate for Bassetlaw at the next General Election.

"As the proud son of a mining family I have lived in Bassetlaw all my life and I have been proud to lead Bassetlaw District Council for eight years under Labour, a party I have been a member of for nearly a quarter of a century. Without doubt I am a truly local candidate.

"People are beyond frustrated that three years on we still haven’t left the EU. They are fed up of delays and excuses. Local people knew what they were voting for.

"I am proud of the campaigning work I have led over the years to defend public services and hands on work to bring much needed investment and regeneration into the constituency.

"Politically, structurally, economically and financially, people feel that everything is rigged in favour of London, big business and vested interests. I fully agree with them.

"When people say we live in a London centric country they are absolutely right. Things have got to change and change fast.

"As a former coalfield community, No one wants to turn back the clock or reopen the pit. Nostalgia doesn’t pay the bills.

"Labour’s previous investment in health and education; steps to tackle child and in work poverty and introduce the minimum wage have been worth their weight in gold.

"Bassetlaw needs a strong local voice in Parliament; someone with a deep understanding of the issues faced by its former coal mining communities.

"Someone who wants to get on with delivering Brexit in a way that puts Bassetlaw first. Someone who gets on with the job as I have consistently done over the past 8 years. Someone who is not afraid to speak truth to power to ensure my local community is not forgotten by the Westminster bubble when it comes to jobs and the economy.

"That’s why I believe I am the only candidate who can keep Bassetlaw Labour for a community that has had enough of Tory austerity and Brexit delays

"I look forward to the next stages of the selection process."