Jailed Gainsborough dad enjoying Christmas after turning life around

Dad Jordan Jarvill with Tanya, from Nottinghamshire YMCA.
Dad Jordan Jarvill with Tanya, from Nottinghamshire YMCA.

A ‘devoted’ dad, whose drinking, drug use and crime spiralled out of control, is enjoying Christmas after turning his life around.

Jordan Jarvill, 27, who hails from Gainsborough, reached his lowest point earlier this year when he was sent to prison for threatening to kill someone while armed with a knife.

When he was released in August, he found himself homeless and forced to sleep under bridges.

But now he is firmly on the road to recovery, thanks to crucial support and help from Nottinghamshire YMCA.

He lives at the charity’s supported accommodation and is able to see his family and children more often. Social services are even looking at allowing him to move back in with his partner at their home in Worksop.

Jordan said: “Without the YMCA, I would probably be dead, six feet under.

“Whatever I needed to get myself moving forward, they supported me. They have been really great throughout my journey.

“If you’ve got children, you don’t want your kids growing up thinking ‘my daddy is a drinker’ or ‘my daddy chose drugs over me’. I don't want my children looking at me and believing that is true.”

David Southgate, support officer with the YMCA, said: “Jordan is clearly a devoted father whose engagement with our services and hard work to become a role model for his children has really paid off.

“Being released from prison can be an incredibly daunting experience, but to immediately face homelessness and the prospect of losing contact with your child is unthinkable.

“When Jordan came to us, his world was on the floor, and I’m so proud of the fantastic progress he has made.

“We just want people to know that Nottinghamshire YMCA is here not only to provide a roof over a person’s head, but also to offer the key support needed for them to reclaim their independence.

“Jordan is a fantastic example of the positive outcomes that can be built when you reach out for support and believe in yourself.”

Jordan added: “I used to drink heavily and take cocaine. But serving a prison sentence was a turning point.

“Since living at the YMCA, I have stayed clean of alcohol and drugs. I badly want to prove that I can do well for myself and my family.”