Helping hand for Isle’s service veterans

Community events.
Community events.

A joint initiative between Humberside police and a charity will work to help people with military backgrounds who have ‘lost their way’.

Working alongside military charity Walking with the Wounded, the police will support ex-military personnel who come into contact with them for any number of reasons.

Project Nova has shown itself to be a success in other areas across the east and north of England and sees police identifying, then supporting people with military backgrounds when they stray into behaviour that requires a police presence.

Former service men and women who are under arrest or become involved with police will be offered the chance to sign up to Project Nova.

They will then meet up with a Project Nova representative within 48 hours, complete a needs assessment and a support package will be arranged for them, addressing the need that may have caused the offending behaviour.

Inspector Tony Tinsley, said: “The ultimate goal is to get former military personnel back into every day walks of life.

“By working with Walking With The Wounded, we can support the armed forces and these men and women who have served the country on our behalf by helping to reduce re-offending and also reducing the number of ex-military personnel who end up in prison.

“It is simply about providing them with the information to enable them to make a choice about what they do with their lives.”

He added: “Humberside Police will be the 12th force nationally to work with Project Nova. We know it is working in other parts of the country and we are hopeful it will also be successful here.”

Project Nova is described as a unique initiative. Launched in 2014, it is delivered as a partnership between The Forces Employment Charity and Walking With The Wounded.

WWTW CEO and Co-founder Ed Parker said: “We are a little bit different from others in that we go after the ‘hard to help.’ Those men and women who have fallen further since they left service are too often those people who are not receiving the support we believe they deserve.”