Gainsborough singer and songwriter releases album to represent his home town

Ben Spurr
Ben Spurr

A Gainsborough singer and songwriter has released a new album honouring his home town.

Ben Spurr has released the brand new album Gainsborough (a Digital Documentation of Sound from Gainsborough Town in 21st Century Britain).

The album attempts to capture the diverse sound of Gainsborough including musicians ranging in age from their 20’s to their 60’s.

The songs subject matters include themes and lyrics about Gainsborough people, teams and places such as The Middlefield School (‘1997’), the Gainsborough Trinity Football Club (The Holy Blues), local MMA and BKB fighter Rico Franco (‘OnnaMadOne! [Rico Remix]), Gainsborough Cemetery (‘I Just Think I Saw God’) and Ben’s sadly departed mother and former Gainsborough resident Linda Clarke (‘Letter 2 Linda (interlude) and ‘Gone 2 C God’).

To further capture the true sound of the town, Ben also included vocals from non-artists such as Matt and Clair Smith and Scott Young who feature on ‘The Holy Blues’.

Ben said: “It was important for me to capture a diverse sound to represent the town and all its musical talent.

“This meant including different songs that could appeal to anybody from a local teenager to a pensioner.

“I have attempted to blend the old with the new. The digital age with the town’s cultural and historic past.

“I hope it encapsulates the sound of the town during an important moment in time, and people can embrace it as a soundtrack for Gainsborough in the decades to come.”

The album’s cover art was also photographed while filming the video for ‘Gone 2 C God’ in Gainsborough’s Parish Church.

Many different genres are represented on the album including grime, hip hop, a spoken word track, 60’s/ 70’s Rock tracks, an alternative rock track, acoustic and a pop anthem.

Ben’s album is available to buy or stream from digital online music stores such as Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

There are also a range of videos to most of the songs you can view on YouTube.