Former Worksop pub and bed and breakfast could be turned into flats

The former Grafton Hotel in Worksop
The former Grafton Hotel in Worksop

A derelict building which used to be a pub and bed and breakfast has been earmarked to be turned into flats in Worksop.

A planning application has been submitted to Bassetlaw District Council to turn the former Grafton Hotel in Gateford Road, Worksop, into eight apartments.

Currently the building is disused and vacant, with the most recent use being a pub with a restaurant element located on the ground floor with a bed and breakfast located on the first and second floor.

Four of the apartments will be situated on the ground floor, with a further three apartments located on the first floor, and one apartment located in the loft on the second floor.

Of these eight apartments, seven will be one bedroom, and one double bedroom apartment will be located on the ground floor.

The proposed development will make use of the existing structure, including existing walls, internal doors and openings.

Further to this, the current ground floor entrances will be used as individual private entrances for each of the ground floor apartments.

Additionally, the existing staircase located at the rear of the site will also be used to access the first floor apartments, with the existing internal staircase, currently located behind the bar, being removed.

Alternations to the existing building will be limited to the addition of a new south west facing dormer being added to the roof of the main building to extend the loft space.

Additionally, two chimneys will also be removed. A window will be reintroduced to the opening located to the left of the main entrance on the ground floor, as well as another window being reintroduced to the blocked up space located on the second floor, looking out south westerly over Grafton Street.

Other than these changes, there will be no other significant exterior alterations.

It is believed that this site offers the opportunity for a development to provide a variety of housing in a central location in Worksop, while making use of a currently disused building.

It is considered that the development will not harm the residential amenity of the existing residential buildings surrounding the site.

The site is considered to be within a sustainable location, with excellent transport facilities directly next to or within walking distance of the site.

Additionally there are a variety of local schools and supermarkets within walking distance, in addition to the close proximity to Sandhill Lake and the surrounding park area.