Can you help support young people in Gainsborough by becoming a lodging provider?

Supported Lodgings providers Nick and Kerry Preston
Supported Lodgings providers Nick and Kerry Preston

The Barnardo’s Supported Lodgings service in Lincolnshire is asking people in Gainsborough who have a spare bedroom to open up their home to a young person leaving care and support them so they can move on to independent living.

The service provides ‘supported lodgings’ for young people all over Lincolnshire who need a period of stability in their lives after coming out of the care system, whether that is in foster care or a children’s home.

Jackie Taylor-Johnson, the Supported Lodgings service manager, said: “The Supported Lodgings Scheme is not just about finding young people a roof over their head.

“It’s about providing a family home environment where young care leavers can flourish - with the guidance and supportive extra care that goes with it.

“Although the young people are approaching adulthood and don’t need formal parenting, they do benefit from having a positive adult role model looking out for them.”

Supported lodging providers come from all walks of life and are a mixture of single people, couples and families and supports costs are provided.

If you would like more information on becoming a Supported Lodgings Provider in Lincolnshire, please email