Bransby Horses moves 42 horses and ponies to their Langworth Site after flooding

Equine rescue and welfare charity, Bransby Horses, is moving 42 equines from their Bransby site to their site at Langworth as part of their Emergency Flood Crisis Campaign.

The 800-acre site at Langworth was bought by the charity in 2018, to safeguard the charity’s future and was intended to be used in coming years.

However, when severe flooding hit the charity in November 2019 and affected 40 per cent of their land rendering it unusable for up to 18 months, the timeline was tightened.

More equines will be moved to the Langworth site in coming months but the charity currently only has the temporary facilities needed for four small groups of horses and ponies to move at this point.

The project to move almost 80 equines over a number of months is still in full swing, with almost 20 per cent of the £200,000 crisis campaign target raised so far, since the middle of November 2019.

Moving equines to a different site is no easy task. Horses and ponies must be moved in herds at specific moments, to protect their mental wellbeing as much as their medical welfare. Herds are essentially social groups and many of these animals have lived with their companions for years, building relationships and trust. Moving them at the wrong time or housing them with the wrong companions could have a negative impact on them and could cause injuries.

Victoria Elliott, head of Farm Operations at Bransby Horses, said: “Challenges following the flooding continue here at Bransby but we are pleased we are able to release some funds from charity reserves so we can move some of our horses and ponies to the Langworth site quickly.

“A huge thank you to our supporters who have been and continue to be, so incredible. Your donations are a lifeline at this difficult and challenging time.”

For more than 51 years, Bransby Horses has been caring for horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, many of which have been rescued from mistreatment or neglect.

Demand for support from the charity has been growing year after year and in 2019, the site at Bransby in Lincolnshire was full to capacity.