Bassetlaw MP John Mann to become a peer following the announcement of former Prime Minister Theresa May’s resignation honours list

John Mann
John Mann

Bassetlaw MP John Mann, who announced he would be standing down at the next election, is to become a peer following the announcement of former Prime Minister Theresa May's resignation honours list.

There are 37 men and 20 women on the list including members of Mrs May's Downing Street staff, political aides and lifelong supporters of the Conservative Party.

Also among them are former NUT general secretary Christine Blower, for Labour, and former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, who will become the party's second peer in the House of Lords.

Mr Mann said: "I have been given the opportunity to become the governments independent advisor on antisemitism and accepted a seat in the House of Lords in order that I can be fully independent of government.

"I remain a member and supporter of our local Labour Party and councillors and will remain active in the local area.

"Everybody knows that I do not believe that Jeremy Corbyn is the leader the Labour Party needs and it is appropriate that someone else goes forward to the voters to represent the Party at the election and I wish them well.

"I could not look local people in the eye and lie to them about whether I believe that Mr Corbyn is suitable to be Prime Minister and I have there decided not to contest the next General Election.

"I have written more than 900 columns for this paper and tried to inform, educate and create debate. Thank you for reading.

"Throughout my 18 years , I have always received plenty of straight John Bull advice, but rarely any abuse and overwhelmingly a positive and friendly greeting.

"In today'ss world of politics, Bassetlaw people have always proven to be the very finest and I have always tried to represent your views honestly and democratically.

"Sometimes that has led to major clashes with my Party and others, including on MP expenses and latterly on Brexit, but so be it.

"I want to thank the people of Bassetlaw for the friendship they have given me and my family and I wish you all the very best into the future."