Anti fracking group protested outside Barclays in Retford

Protestors outside Barclays in Retford
Protestors outside Barclays in Retford

Protestors from the Bassetlaw Socialist Forum called upon passers by and Barclays customers to close their bank accounts.

A member of the group said this was part of an international protest against the bank which between 2016 and 18 financed the fossil fuel industry to the tune of over $85 billion.
The protesters handed out leaflets which said: 'according to the United Nations we only have 11 years left to act to limit the worst of the climate crisis.
There have been a number of protests against fracking over the years, which has had its infrastructure supported by Barclays.
However, the fracking site at Tinker Lane near Blyth has now closed, due to no shale gas being found but exploratory drilling is still proceeding at Misson Springs.
The village of Woodsetts near Worksop, could be under threat from fracking after the application was refused initially by Rotherham Council.
The organiser of the protest, David Larder, 85, said: “I am doing this for my grandchildren. We are all reasonable peaceful people here.”
He explained that the time had arrived to take on the banks, because that would bring the exploration for methane gas to a halt.
He said: “Many people do not realise that the methane gas from fracking is creating more damage than carbon dioxide in terms of global heating.
"It is primarily not for domestic fuel but wanted by the plastics industry which converts it into ethylene up at Grangemouth."
Another protester added that viewers had seen on television what plastic pollution was doing to our fish and our oceans.
David said: “We need a rapid expansion of all green energy and the local authorities should stop all fracking applications and the spoiling of our countryside-as well as the threats to our drinking water and potential earthquakes in this area.”
A spokesman from Barclays said: “We recognise that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today, and are determined to do all we can to support the transition to a low carbon economy, while also ensuring that global energy needs continue to be met.
“We continue to develop our green products suite and in 2018 we facilitated £27.3bn in social and environmental financing across our business including green bonds and renewable financing.”