A young Worksop girl who has a form of arthritis needs a trike to improve her quality of life

Emileigh Leather
Emileigh Leather

The family of a five-year-old from Worksop who suffers from juvenile idiopathic arthritis are raising money to buy her a trike.

Emileigh Leather was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) when she was a year old and also suffers from asthma, anemia and possible bowel problems which are currently being investigated.
She has to have two weekly injections which lower her immune system, which she is supported by with community nurses and she also attends hospital on a weekly basis for various appointments including rheumatology, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and orthotics.
Emileigh's mum. Kaileigh Johnstone, 33, said: "The medical treatment and personal struggles have become the norm.
"Our family unit is united in easing and supporting Emileigh throughout this.
"We have made hospital visits ‘fun’ to enable Emileigh to better cope with her constant visits. For example when attending Bassetlaw District General Hospital on the children’s ward for injections or bloods, she is reluctant to leave due to the staff being supportive and making it a pleasant experience."
Emily has also recently been fitted with leg splints due to tightened hamstrings from tiptoe walking.
Kaileigh said: "Despite all this, Emileigh is both courageous and outgoing. She is a very determined child who endeavours to lead as normal life as a five-year-old can.
"Emileigh’s physiotherapist has recommended that she would benefit from the use of a trike.
"At present Emileigh struggles to get to and from school with her friends because she’s embarrassed to go in a pushchair when she’s tired.
"I could take her in the car but this would socially isolate her.
"It is imperative that Emileigh benefits from the use of a trike as she has just started the new term of Year 1.
"We hope to raise £2,070 to purchase the trike. Should we raise any monies above and beyond this figure, we will donate the remainder to Sheffield Children’s Hospital where she receives the majority of her care.
"The support would mean that Emileigh is more independent and the mobility aid is more age appropriate than a pushchair."
To make a donation and help Emileigh get her trike, click here.