A dog rescue near Retford needs your support to help keep it from closing

A cheque for 600 is presented to Elaine Shaw from Notts Super Dogs
A cheque for 600 is presented to Elaine Shaw from Notts Super Dogs

A dog rescue centre is raising funds to help cover its running costs and keep it from closure.

Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels (BARK) was opened by Elaine and Darren Shaw after their private kennels expanded.

BARK takes in unwanted pets or those who need a new home due to their owners being unable to care for them any more and, more recently, dogs from other European countries where they suffer horrendous abuse and neglect such as Romania and Bulgaria.

In the last decade hundreds and hundreds of dogs and cats have found safety and a second chance thanks to BARK.

The dogs and cats stay in the rescue as long as it takes to find that perfect home.

There are now approximately 50 kennels and four cattery pens.

In 2015, after a huge fundraising effort, the rescue finally gained their very own large secure exercise field. This has made an incalculable difference to the dogs, allowing them to run free, play and relax off lead. Plus visitors are able to meet the dogs in a more natural, stress- free way and introduce their own dogs to potential new friends off lead.

And now BARK needs your help again to raise funds to help with its day to day running costs.

Darren Shaw said: "We are really struggling here. It costs more a £1,000 a week just to keep the gates open here.

"We have three full time staff to pay each week plus insurances such as public liability and employees insurance, the costs of removing dog waste we have to pay the council for a special 1,100 litre bin each week plus vehicle costs.

"That doesn't include our massive vets bill each month. Most people don't think of these things and that is why we need constant help from the public.

"We save dogs and cats from death and find them new homes where possible. We have a total none kill policy for healthy animals.

"As soon as one dog goes to a new home, another comes in and fills the space and funding has become very hard to come by.

"We employ three full time staff , we also do training and Duke of Edinburgh awards for schools as well as work placements for school children and also have party's of people with learning difficulties come here but funding is becoming very hard to raise.

“We need money, fundraisers, helpers, bric-a-brac, bedding, cat and dog food, cat litter.

“There are all sorts of jobs that require help including painters and gardeners, dog walkers - any help is appreciated, every little bit helps.”

A Crowdfunding has been set up for people to make donations and people are also raising money in other ways.

Kate Hall said: "In January 2019 we visited Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels to donate some bedding.

"Little did we know we would be walking out of there a couple of weeks later having fallen in love with and adopted our own fluffy little potato; Nelly.

"The people running the rescue work tirelessly and with limited resources to make sure that dogs and cats from the UK and abroad are given the best possible chance to a new life.

"In dedication to our little Romanian pupper I’m aiming to cover the distance between Romania’s two major cities Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, a distance totalling 436km, virtually."

For more information on how you can help Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels from closing, visit www.barkonline.co.uk or call 07787 568566.

Or to make a donation click here or to support Kate click here.