Parts of Lincolnshire on flood alert

NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

Communities in Lincolnshire are advised to stay alert to the risk of flooding.

There is a flood alert in place for the East and West Fens, north of Boston, and severe weather close to the county’s north and west borders.

Forecasts for Friday and Saturday show heavy rain in Lincolnshire.

Local authorities continue to monitor the situation and are fully prepared to respond quickly to any incidents.

David Powell, head of Lincolnshire’s Joint Emergency Management Service, said: “At the moment, the forecast is uncertain. The difficulty with heavy downpours of rain is that it’s impossible to predict where localised flooding may occur.”

“However, we can all take reasonable steps to prepare. Our message to people is to closely monitor the weather forecasts and follow the advice provided by the Environment Agency and local councils.”

“I would also like to remind people of the dangers of entering flood water and urge people not to drive or walk through it. It’s impossible to know how deep it is, whether there are any hidden obstacles or debris, and whether manhole covers are missing.”

“In addition, driving through it can force the water further into people’s home.”

Local authorities including the police, fire and rescue, the county and district councils, highways, drainage boards and the Environment Agency are working together to monitor the situation and are fully prepared to respond quickly to any incidents.

A number of preventative measures are being carried out to mitigate the likelihood of further potential flooding, as well as lessen the impact if it does occur.

Police, fire and rescue, highways and local authority teams are working closely under the co-ordination of the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum to prepare and respond to flooding in the county.

They are working closely with the Environment Agency, Anglian Water and drainage boards to manage the water levels, keeping them low to try to ensure that they can cope with extra rain