Partnerships are pushing for progress

Coun Lesley Rollings
Coun Lesley Rollings

Fundamental changes to the Gainsborough Town Centre Partnership were approved by Gainsborough Town Council last week

A proposal from the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce that the Gainsborough Chamber should merge with the Town Centre Partnership was unanimously supported.

The Town Centre Partnership will become the Town Partnership creating an umbrella structure linking all areas of business and community development.

Within the Town Partnership groups will focus on specific areas such as transport festivals, Gainsborough in Bloom, a market development group and others. Each group will be accountable to the Partnership for the use of public money and in return the partnership will ensure the groups’ sustainability.

During the last six months I have been trying to weigh up the merits of the civic programme. I have deliberately not attended civic events outside Gainsborough, due to the financial burden on an already stretched council. And the Gainsborough Civic Service has been postponed whilst we endeavour to ‘straighten out’ the finances of the council.

However last Sunday, the Remembrance Day service at All Saints’ Church proved a very moving experience for me as my youngest son being in hospital suffering from meningitis gave me a brief glimpse of what some of our community goes through when they lose someone.

Fortunately, and I do thank God, my son is recovering, but it made me focus on what a crucial role the church plays in the community. Collectively churches form a significant part of our community, one that many people turn to in time of need or crisis. We invite them to participate in our new Town Partnership.

At last week’s town council meeting a Gainsborough Citizen of the Year Award was presented to Fred Richardson, a war veteran, a member of the British Legion and Salvation Army, who has dedicated his life to serving others. And at the age of 91 still visits people offering comfort, support and friendship. Thank you, Fred, for all you have done.

Tomorrow, Friday, Fred will switch on our Christmas lights in the Market Place at 6 pm.

Last year the market place was throbbing with people and I hope you will turn out to cheer him switching on our lights. Next year, I would like there to be a Christmas market around this event. What do you think?

Coun Lesley Rollings


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