Partnership is here to help all local businesses

Gainsborough Town Centre Manager Samantha Dodd G130702-2a
Gainsborough Town Centre Manager Samantha Dodd G130702-2a

Gainsborough’s town manager believes the future is bright as she works on increasing footfall, putting on events and reducing empty shops.

Samantha Dodd came to the role in March, and has a number of ideas up her sleeve to get business booming in the town once again.

Employed by Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, Samantha is completely independent from town, district and county councils and can provide businesses with help and advice on a range os issues.

“Gainsborough Town Partnership is here to help all local businesses in Gainsborough,” said Samantha.

“I have already met with a lot of traders and got some contacts, but I want to get more, and I would urge people to come and see me.”

Samantha believes the key to getting things back on track is getting the whole town working together.

“There has been a historic divide between the town centre and Marshall’s Yard and that is something everyone is working on,” she said.

“It is about bringing all the major places together and getting them to work together, which helps everybody.”

“It has already improved but there is still work to be done,” she added.

There are also plans to utilise some of the vacant shop fronts in the town, by encouraging new business to take them or by using short-term pop up shops.

“We are looking at a range of things to do with the vacant shops to bring them back into use and improve the look of the town centre,” said Samantha.

“We have some community groups who would like to make use of them, and there is also the chance of some temporary pop-up shops.”

“And we are trying to get businesses into them as well, but it does all take time.”

There are also plans to capitalise on the town’s tourist attractions.

“People come to town to visit the Old Hall on a bus, and when they have done get back on the bus without even venturing into the town,” said Samantha.

“We need to encourage them to stay around and visit the market and shops.”

“Gainsborough has huge potential - it was forgotten for a while but things are really starting to build now and are moving in the right direction,” she added.

Follow the town partnership on Twitter @Visit_Gainsboro. To get in touch with Samantha call her on 07525 985 114.