Parking has got pulses racing

Gainsborough Market Place 1957
Gainsborough Market Place 1957

FIRST it was the chance of parking on the market that got you lot revved up.

(It’s only a suggestion folks, calm down).

And now it’s the issue of whether or not to make the ‘temporary’ taxi rank on Gladstone Street a permanent fixture.

Well you grumblers out there should have foreseen that this was on the cards.

First there was the ‘temporary’ closure of the market place that lasted yonks while the new stones were laid.

Then there’s all those ‘temporary’ road closures and ‘temporary’ traffic lights that spring up all over town, they seem to last longer than the summer weather.

But I am not surprised that the parishioners are not happy about it.

I have to agree I do pass by there quite often and have never spotted a taxi actually parked. But I always assumed it was used by the town’s revellers who are out far later than me at the weekend.

Although if ever I am out that late I’d usually opt for Market Street where you’re bound to find a taxi.

Why would taxi drivers want to be in Gladstone Street and move right out of the thick of it?

If anyone can enlighten me then feel free to contact me at the usual address.

Meanwhile the debate over parking on Market Place (on non-market days) continues.

According to town councillor Vaughn Hughes support is -growing for the idea.

Although I’ve heard the odd unhappy customer discussing the matter in a bakery not to far from Gainsborough Towers.

Luckily for you lot our eagle-eyed reporter went to a town council meeting on Tuesday to find out all the latest on the matter.

To find out all the ins and outs of the debate pick up next Thursday’s Standard.

Perhaps by then you’ll be able to drive right up to the door and just lean out for our receptionist to pass you a copy through the window?

We could even open our own Gainsborough Standard drive through.

It’d suit me. All we need is the council to approve a canal being put in and I will be able to sail right up to the door. Never mind parking let’s get a fishing lake slap-bang in the centre of the market.

We can have fishing in the summer and ice skating in the winter. I might have to get myself along to one of these council meetings sooner or later and give them a few proper ideas for how to jazz things up a bit.