Parking Eye withdraws from Worksop’s Priory Shopping Centre

Parking Eye in the Priory Shopping Centre
Parking Eye in the Priory Shopping Centre

Controversial parking management company Parking Eye are set to bow out from the Priory Shopping Centre.

The Centre announced that the popular car park would be undergoing a change of management company from Parking Eye to Horizon.

Parking Eye has come under fire in the past, with some residents claiming they have been unfairly fined by the firm.

The new system will come into place on Friday, November 10- and staff say it will be “easier to use” than the former system.

David Aunins, centre manager of the Priory, commented: “We are pleased to welcome this new parking system to The Priory and we are confident that it will enhance the Priory shopping experience.

“We don’t anticipate that shoppers will even notice the change, but if they do we hope it will be for the better.”

One of the key benefits of the new system will be a ‘ark, Shop and Pay system which means that shoppers will pay for their parking upon exit, rather than having to estimate how long they think they will need their space for.

Shoppers have to enter their number plate in the easy to use machine when they come to leave the car park and pay for the time used.

The new system will apparently remove any concerns of overstaying and receiving a Parking Charge Notice.

The high-tech system uses ANPR capabilities, which allows it recognise customers’ number plates, and the exact time that they enter and exit the carpark, which increases accuracy and avoids any unnecessary charges being issued due to inaccurate data entry.

“Something that will not change, however, is the fact that this is the cheapest parking available in the centre of Worksop, remaining at just 60p for the first hour. For further ease of use, shoppers can pay via coin, notes or debit or credit card to save having to find change,” a spokesman added.

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