Parish Primary School’s potatoes are top of the crops

Pupils with their winners certificate and winning potatoes
Pupils with their winners certificate and winning potatoes

Parish Primary School in Gainsborough is celebrating after winning a regional potato growing competition.

Grow Your Own Potatoes was launched in 2005 and Class 3V at Parish Primary School is always keen to get involved.

At the end of February the class receive three seed potatoes of a national variety, three seed potatoes of a local variety and two special black grow bags that the potatoes must be grown in.

Then each school sends in their potato weights to compare them with other schools from all around the country and Parish received the news that they had been awarded a prize after growing the largest weight of regional potatoes.

The school has been presented with their winner’s certificate and a voucher for £100 to use on gardening equipment.

Pupil Toby Roberts said: “It has been amazing to watch the plants’ stems and leaves grow out of the soil from the little potatoes and finally pull the potatoes out of the soil. We were all cheering when we uncovered each potato.

“They tasted so good as well when we had them in school, better than the ones from the shops. It was hard work watering them all the time but definitely worth it.

“We were all jumping up and down when Mr Anderson told us we had won.”