Outrage as top cop faces transfer

Inspector Nick Butler.
Inspector Nick Butler.

Plans to move on Hucknall’s ‘top cop’ Inspector Nick Butler have been greeted with outrage and dismay.

The move has been mooted under plans to change the structure of policing in the area, and would see the Neighbourhood Inspector moved from Ashfield South to cover Mansfield.

It is not yet clear if he will be replaced, or if the role will be merged.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has joined councillors to protest against the potential transfer. He said: “It will be a real shame if Nick Butler leaves us in Hucknall. He’s a brilliant inspector who is always happy to help, always available when you need him and who always goes the extra mile for Hucknall and Hucknall people. If this decision can still be changed, then I hope it will be.”

Coun Alice Grice, vice chair for community safety at Nottingham County Council, said: “We will be sad to see Nick go - he really knows the area well and he takes a very pragmatic approach to things. I think he has been a real asset to Hucknall.”

Coun Mick Murphy said: “I’ve known Nick a long time and he’s been brilliant for Hucknall. He is 100 per cent committed to improving our lives and keeping us safe. He’s got to the point now where if you raise an issue with him he already knows the places and the people, because he’s been here five years doing a great job.

“It’s taken him five years to build up that knowledge and whoever comes in now, even if they are a brilliant Inspector too, will take years to replicate the level of local intelligence that Nick has got and to learn it from scratch. I’m really frustrated and upset that we’ll lose someone that has been really positive for Hucknall.”