Out with the old in with the old

All my avid readers know I love a good election.

There was the usual buzz in the air come election day as everyone rushed home to vote.

Confidently putting their ‘X’ in the box and hoping against hope that this time it will make a difference.

Then the votes are counted through the night by single men and women with nothing better to do.

Then come daybreak word of who is in and who is out spreads round the town like wildfire in Berkshire, quite slowly but spreading none the less.

Wise news hounds turned to the Standard’s all-singing-all-dancing website for their election news hit first thing Friday morning.

While others relied upon disappointed ousted councillors to spread their bad news and the gloating ruddy faces of the winners as they pop open the supermarket Cava.

But what does it all mean? In West Lindsey the blues have strengthened their vice like grip on the council by gaining seats.

Our reporter will be pleased. With less opposition the levels of squabbling will no doubt drop and meetings will finish sooner.

Meanwhile the town council has gone the other way with voters welcoming in the Lib Dems with open arms.

Perhaps the people round here are voting with their heads and voting for individuals rather than letting national party politics cloud their judgement?

At the end of the day whether Gainsborough is looked after by the blues, reds or the yellows we all want the same thing.

For the town, and its people, to be looked after!

So welcome new councillors, we look forward to hearing what you will be doing to help our lovely town improve.

And I urge you to write in and tell us! One councillor already has used the Standard to thank the voters (see page 6).

Here are a few key suggestions from me:

1. We would like a new road bridge to lesson congestion in and out of the town.

2. No more pie in the sky ideas like footbridges for the town that cost millions.

3. Campaign to get local fuel prices in line with other towns.

4. A centre piece for the town’s market square.

5. Refurbish all the local war memorials, not just the town centre ones.

6. Less roadworks.

7. Less fat people wearing leggings.

Good luck! You’ll need it.