Online advice and support

People needing help and support in Rotherham are now just a click away from finding out what services are available.

A new online marketplace, Connect to Support, has been added to the list of ways people across the borough can look up support services.

Connect to Support is a website where people can buy goods, products and support services from providers as well as finding information and advice.

The scheme has been developed by 16 local authorities in Yorkshire and the Humber and Manchester

Coun John Doyle, Cabinet member for Adult Social Care, said: “We’re delighted to support the launch of this innovative website for Rotherham which offers a simple way for people to see the full range of support on offer to them.”

“We are committed to make sure that people have the best possible care and with this website the general public, carers and support workers can browse at their leisure to make more informed choices and personalise the care and help people need.”

The website is in addition to the usual guidance and access to services that people have through other work such as assessments and care planning.

To try it out visit