One wedding and a funeral

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What a week it’s been.America’s Most Wanted has been killed and buried at sea.

It’s how I’d like to go. Ten years living in a mansion then chucked into the ocean.

I’m not so sure about being gunned down by Americans though.

Then of course there was the Royal Wedding last Friday.

Bunting was up all over town as us Brits claimed the Union Jack from the clutches of the B.N.P. who seem to have hijacked the flag as their symbol.

I have to admit even I found myself getting wrapped up in the whole sorry show.

It was like rubbernecking when one of those lorries has got stuck on the Trent Bridge. I couldn’t help but look. Even if it was just to mutter ‘what a lot of idiots’.

And it might have been the rum but I thought the whole thing was actually, not all bad.

The brass bands and over enthusiastic trumpeters did well and the flyover was good.

It has to be said us Brits put on a blooming good show when it comes to all that pomp.

I was a little concerned that William appeared to have married the wrong sister though.

That Pippa Middleton stole the show. And clearly I wasn’t the only one who thought it.

It was worth a watch just to ridicule some of the ridiculous hats the women wore. What is it with rich people, eh?

There wasn’t a bobble hat in sight.

And the excitement does not of course stop there. As well as villains being slain and Disney-like schmaltz we’ve got all the fun of the election today too.

Although I am sure more Gainsborough residents will have watched the Royal Wedding than will bother to turn out to vote.

But this is your chance to completely change the face of West Lindsey Council – as for the first time everyone’s heads are on the chopping block.

Yes that’s right by Friday we could be being run by Lib Dems, Labour, Conservatives or even the tree hugging green party.

But whatever the outcome the main thing is to get out there and have a say.

That way you can spend the next four years complaining about the state of the borough, safe in the knowledge that it’s not your fault. At least you tried to change things with your cross in the box.

And to confuse all you simpletons there’s also the Alternative Vote to contend with.

Yes that’s right this time you’ll also be voting on how we vote in future. Do we just put a cross next to the candidate we want, or do we rank them 1, 2, 3, 4?

Although personally I’d rather vote against the candidates that I like the least. Then we could make the loser go in the market place stocks and chuck rotten veg at them.

More people would turn out to vote, I guarantee it.