Notts: Unison launches campaign to fight against care home closures

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A campaign has been launched to oppose the plans to close the last six care homes run by Notts County Council.

Unison are asking the public to get in touch and support them in this campaign.

These closures would mean that the only care homes left in Notts will be in the private and charitable sector.

They hope to lobby councillors and present a petition calling on the council to rethink their proposals.

The proposal to close six care homes was passed for public consultation by the County Council policy committee on the 12th November and will be open for public’s views until mid-January.

Martin Sleath, joint secretary of Unison, said: “We are angry and upset about how these proposals will affect the residents of the homes and their families. For many residents a move can have a devastating impact on them. There is no guarantee that suitable places can be found.”

“Over 200 social care jobs are under threat. What a great Christmas present from the council. These skilled and experienced staff have given many years to provide decent care, and this how the council repays them.”

Unison can be contacted on 0115 9810405.