Notts: Police warn residents of telephone bank scam after elderly couple are targeted by fraudsters

Telephone scam victim
Telephone scam victim

Notts Police has warned residents to be alert after an elderly couple were targeted by fraudsters.

The Force was called at lunchtime yesterday (Wednesday 12 November) to an address in the Meadows.

The victim, in his 70s, had received a call from a man, claiming to be a police officer, to say he had arrested someone who had committed fraudulent activity on his account.

The victim was then told to ring his bank but the offender did not hang up their side of the phone call and continued the scam.

After being persuaded to empty his and his wife’s account the victim handed over the cash to a man, also claiming to be a police officer and returned home. It was only then he realised it was a scam.

Police are reiterating their advice about this type of fraud and asking everyone who has elderly or vulnerable family members, friends or neighbours, to let them know about the scam.

Officers are investigating similar incidents in Keyworth and Kinoulton where a similar scam was used but no money was taken.

The offender is described as Asian and of a slim build. He was about 5ft-6ft tall and was wearing a dark navy coat that came down to his waist and dark trousers. He had medium length dark hair and a medium, unkempt beard. He had a slightly hooked nose.

Police Sergeant Jon Kerry said: “This type of fraud is known as courier fraud or phishing and often targets the elderly and vulnerable.

It is unfortunately a countrywide scheme being used by criminals so want the public to be aware and alert if they receive any suspicious phone calls. It is hugely distressing for the victims and we want to ensure no one else becomes a target. The most important three things to remember are:

Your bank and/or the police will never ask for your PIN.

Your bank will never attend your home to deliver a replacement card or to collect cash.

Your bank and/or the police will never collect your bank card.

If someone calls and says they are a police officer, ask for their shoulder number, hang up, and call 101 from a different phone to check they are who they say they are.

If you know anything about this incident or you recognise the description of the man please get in touch.

If you receive this type of call or something similar, report it to police on 101 or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. In an emergency, dial 999.