Notts: Macmillan helping cancer sufferers avoid financial isolation

Guardian News
Guardian News

A total of 460 cancer patients in Notts were given a Macmillan grant during 2013 to help them with costs relating to their cancer treatment.

New figures from the charity highlight the financial isolation that often follows a cancer diagnosis.

Patients in Notts received £133,966 for clothing, bedding, heating bills and transport, as well as practical household items like washing machines.

“Our latest grants figures are evidence of the financial isolation that can seriously impact people living with cancer,” said Dr Fran Woodard, Macmillan support director.

“To feel unable to buy the clothes you need to keep warm, for example, is an unacceptable reality for thousands of vulnerable cancer patients at a time when, on average, their income halves and their outgoings rocket.”

The need for new clothing often follows a change in weight or body shape due to the effects of cancer and its treatment, or following surgery.

Many people living with cancer also have high fuel bills because they spend long periods of time at home during treatment or recovery and feel the cold more because of their condition.

To continue providing this vital financial support Macmillan relies on public donations. To donate, please call 0300 1000 200 or visit