Notts: Guard against ‘magpie’ burglars collecting gold


Notts Police are warning people to protect their jewellery after a recent spate of burglaries.

Gold jewellery and large amounts of cash have been stolen from ten properties since the end of June.

Officers are now urging residents to review their security to stop more people becoming victims.

In eight of the incidents intruders forced doors or windows of homes. In two, doors had been left unlocked while the residents were in the garden.

They all took place during daylight hours, particulerly in the afternoons. In most of the burglaries, two or three men have been seen to flee the scene.

Detective Inspector, Kev Broadhead, said: “In most of the burglaries offenders have struck while the residents were away from their homes. Ransacking their homes for jewellery and cash, like magpies.”

“While there have been some similarities between the incidents we cannot categorically say it is the same people carrying them out.”

“I appreciate most people do the right thing and lock up when they leave. Make sure you do this no matter what – if you are in the garden or even when you are in the house.”

“Make your home a fortress so it is as difficult or as unwelcoming as possible to a burglar.”

“Add locks to your garden gates, invest in visible, but unreachable CCTV cameras, install motion sensor security lights and burglar alarms.”

“Keep desirable items away from windows and out of sight. When it comes to gold or large sums of money keep them away from your home in a security box.”