Notts: Fire fighters call on Government to help avoid more strikes

Firefighters on strike at Worksop Fire Station
Firefighters on strike at Worksop Fire Station

Firefighters in Worksop say it is up to the Government to ensure they do not go on strike again in the future.

Crew members from Worksop who were members of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) joined others around the country in staging a four-hour walkout on Wednesday afternoon in a dispute over pensions.

And fire fighters say the ball is in the government’s court as to how they go about resolving the issue.

“I don’t think any firefighter ever wants to strike which is why we only went on strike for such a short time,” said Kevin Ruane, one of the Worksop crew who was on the picket line.

“Initially, the union didn’t want any strikes at all and they’ve been in negotiations for over two years now and trying to work with the government on this.”

“The local government authority want to negotiate with us, but it’s the national coalition government that won’t negotiate a proper settlement.”

“The FBU is ready to negotiate with them but unless they are prepared to do the same, I think we’ll see more strikes.”

“There is more to this than just the pensions issue, it’s the way they are trying to implement it.”

“We’ve been given a deal that’s not a deal because it’s not actually telling us what we’re going to be paying in a year’s time so we’re effectively being asked to sign a blank cheque and who in their right mind is going to do that?”

Notts Fire and Rescue said they coped well with the small number of incidents they had to deal with during the four-hour strike period.

A spokesman said: “Between 12noon and 4pm, the service received a total of four calls, two of which required an emergency response. These were both calls to domestic premises that required no action on arrival.”