Notts: Equestrians host summer ride as part of bridleways campaign

North Notts Bridleway Group summer ride in Woodsetts
North Notts Bridleway Group summer ride in Woodsetts

A group of determined horse riders who are trying to save public bridleways in Notts held their summer ride at the weekend.

Around 40 members and supporters of the North Notts Bridleway Group took part in a ride through Gildingwells and Woodsetts on Saturday.

Riders aged between six and 60 listened to a talk about responsible riding before enjoying a picnic.

Evangeline Bell, chairman of the group, said: “Public bridleways are long established rights of way and still provide safe routes for horse riders and pedestrians away from the roads used by motor traffic. The bridleways offer protection for horses, their riders and motorists, too, helping to keep this volatile mix apart.”

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