Notts: Don’t be a monster this Halloween, say police


We hope you have a spooktacular time this Halloween, but it is important to keep safe during this paranormal period and consider others who may not want to participant in ghostly games, say Notts Police:

If you’re going trick or treating, make sure you go with an adult and let you parent or carer know what time you’ll be home.

Respect other people’s homes and properties. If they do not want trick or treaters or don’t answer the door, don’t damage their belongings.

Flour and eggs are not for throwing at people’s property so be aware that local shops and supermarkets may not sell these items to you.

Don’t go to strangers houses. If you don’t know who lives there, don’t knock on the door.

Take care to consider the elderly or vulnerable neighbours as they may be easily frightened.

Be careful on the roads in the dark and walk in well-lit areas.

Download a ‘No trick or treaters, please’ sign at