Notts: Conservatives abstain from vote on 20mph zones outside schools

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Conservatives at Notts County council have questioned the ruling Labour authority’s plans for implementing 20mph speed-limit zones outside schools during school hours.

All 21 Conservative councillors abstained from this week’s vote to approve the implementation of the plan due to concerns about the method of school prioritisation.

The policy was still passed and Worksop schools Redlands Primary, Worksop Priory, Norbridge Academy, Kingston Park, Ryton Park and Holy Family, along with Clarborough Primary in Retford, will now see 20mph limits introduced during school hours during the week before returning to 30mph, or relevant speed for the road in question, at weekends and during school holidays.

The new speed-limit zones, using DfT approved signs and flashing amber warning lights, will be introduced during this month and in November.

But councillor Richard Jackson, Conservative spokesman on transport and highways, said: “There is no doubt that parents want to see road safety improved outside our schools and we support this completely.”

“But choosing to introduce the new advisory speed limits outside schools on the roads where traffic speeds are already slowest seems very odd.”

“Surely it is common sense to prioritise schools on fast and busy roads or schools with a known road safety problem, some of which have been missed completely.”

“The report to the committee made clear that schools in deprived areas would be prioritised for the new speed limits, potentially skewing spending away from schools with demonstrable road safety issues.”

“This cannot by right and appears to be politically driven.”

“Labour are obviously keen to rush this policy into effect because it was an election pledge, but it does not seem to have been thought through properly.”

“In any case, the proposed speed limits are only advisory and not legally enforceable, so it is not exactly what they promised and parents may be disappointed.”