Notts: Check to see if you qualify for free early years childcare

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Guardian News

Parents and carers in Notts are being reminded to check if children in their care qualify for free early years childcare provision for two-year-olds.

Notts County Council’s Early Years team are promoting the national initiative through a range of channels which will include writing to all families and individuals whose children are eligible for the funding.

It is estimated that around 3,633 children in the county qualify for the free childcare provision for two-year-olds this academic year.

Coun Liz Plant, Vice-Chairman of the Children and Young People’s Committee, said: “We are reminding families and individuals to check the changes to the eligibility criteria which mean that more children could qualify for this free childcare provision during this academic year.”

For more details about the scheme, visit

You can also call 0300 5008080.