Notts: Are you bin smart? Leaflet offers top recycling advice to residents

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A campaign to aid residents understanding of what can and cannot be put into their household recycling bin has been launched this week across Notts.

Veolia (Notts County Council’s waste contractors) have launched a new and improved ‘Are you Bin Smart?’ scheme across the county which is designed to encourage local residents to recycle more and make sure that they put the right things in their recycling bin.

Kevin Parker, regional communications manager for Veolia, says: “We will be distributing an information pack to households across the seven boroughs and districts of Notts.”

“These packs will include a leaflet and bin sticker that are designed to help residents understand what they should and should not put into their recycle bin. “

“We’re also directing residents to the ‘Are you Bin Smart?’ website where they can view handy hints and advice on recycling”.

Mr Parker added ‘Unfortunately, some materials that could have been recycled can mistakenly be put in the wrong bin and end up in landfill. It’s important that we all work together to reduce landfill.”

Every household can download a simple guide to recycling by clicking on to or by calling 0203 567 439.