Nottinghamshire Police to take “appropriate action” after video emerges of officer ‘texting’ behind wheel

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“Appropriate action” will be taken after video footage has emerged which appears to show a Nottinghamshire Police officer ‘texting’ whilst behind the wheel of a police van.

The video was captured by a car passenger in Rotherham on Monday and sent to the BBC.

It has now been confirmed the man is a Nottinghamshire Police officer.

Paul Murphy, head of Nottinghamshire Police’s Professional Standards Directorate, said: “Senior officers were made aware of this particular incident after it came to light yesterday. Investigative action was taken swiftly.

“The person driving at the relevant time is a police officer and is subject of investigation.

“In advance of a formal interview, appropriate action will be taken to refer the officer to our driver training team for reassessment to drive police vehicles.

“Nottinghamshire Police officers and staff are not above the law, being accountable as any member of the public would be. When employees fall short of these standards, it is absolutely right that it is brought to our attention.”