No Del Boy dealings

DI Ash Wilson pictured at Worksop Police Station  (w120924-8b)
DI Ash Wilson pictured at Worksop Police Station (w120924-8b)

As Christmas approaches we can expect a bout of good old British comedy classics on the telly. One of those will no doubt be Only Fools and Horses.

But while the character of Del Boy is a family favourite, I would like to dispel the perception that dodgy dealings like those ‘cushty’ ones offered by Trotters Independent Traders are acceptable.

We all love a good bargain, but buying items that ‘fell off the back of a lorry’ from a guy you know up the road could land you in jail.

Stop and think. Where has this stuff come from? Why is it so cheap? More often than not, if it’s too good to be true, it is. These items most likely once belonged to your neighbours, who were victims of burglary and theft a few months earlier.

Not so ‘lovely jubbly’ when you think you may be buying old Mrs Johnson’s stolen heater or the stolen bike little Sam’s parents had bought him for Christmas.

Continuing on the subject of Christmas, don’t fall victim to the winter crime trend that could see you lose one of your most vital and valued belongings – your car.

It’s cold, it’s icy and no doubt we will be getting some snow. As unwelcomed as it can be, try to get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to give yourself more time to make sure your car is fit for the road.

Do not leave your car unlocked, or the key in the ignition, while you wait for your car to warm up and your windscreen to defrost. There are people out there who watch and wait for motorists to let their guard down, even for just a minute.

Insurance companies are very reluctant to pay out if they know a car has been left running and unattended.

Remember, do not set off onto the roads until your windscreen has totally cleared. Any impairment to your vision can have serious consequences.

If you see any suspicious activity around vehicles this Christmas, call police on 101. If we all lock up, drive safely and play nice during these festive few weeks we can all having a wonderful time this year.