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EvergreenS - On Thursday 14th April, Mrs Marion Foster presented a musical quiz. Well known songs were listed and it was required to name the singer or group of singers associated with the title. The next event is on Thursday 28th April when members will meet at the Ingram Arms in Laughton for lunch.


BANK HOLIDAY Chemists Rota - Chemists who will be open during the Easter, Royal Wedding and May Day Bank Holidays in the Gainsborough area are: Good Friday - Boots, Market Place, 10am-4pm; Easter Sunday - Lincoln Co-op Chemists, Market Street, 10-11am; Easter Monday - Morrisons Pharmacy, Morrisons Superstore, 9am-6pm; Royal Wedding - Boots, Market Place, 10am-4pm, and Morrisons Pharnacy, Morrisons Superstore, 9am-6pm; May Day Monday - Morrisons Pharmacy. Morrisons Superstore, 9am-6pm.


Contact: 01427 891376

POLICE Warn of Car Thefts - A number of 4x4 vehicles, mainly Landrovers, have been stolen from neighbouring villages. Thieves have been going for older vehicles with less sophisticated anti-theft and locking systems. Notts Police advise owners to fit tracking devices or take other security measures. It’s also the time of year when garden ornaments provide easy pickings. The Police suggest marking items with ‘smart water’ or with an ultraviolet pen. Misterton Beat Manager, Nathan Thomas, is available to advise residents on security. Leave a message for him at The Misterton Centre (891872) if you’d like him to visit.

SIGN UP for popular evening classes - Next term will see again see the popular IT class for beginners at Misterton Primary School on Wednesday evenings from 6.30-8.30pm. Term begins on 4th May. The class runs for eight weeks and costs £52, unless on means-tested benefits. There is also the Free Basic Skills class on Tuesday evenings from 6-8.30pm. This is for those wanting to improve their English or maths. The course is free, also held at Misterton Primary School. Need help with spelling? Can’t work out percentages? Puzzled by punctuation? Struggle with every-day maths? This course could be for you. For further information, contact Jayne on: 01777 709650.

VILLAGE GALA - Over 25 stalls and exhibitors have signed up to be at Misterton’s annual village gala on Saturday 9th July at the old school site from 12noon-5pm. And this year the organisers are offering the chance to a young person resident in Misterton to be a VIP for the day and open the gala! There will be a competition, open to both boys and girls who live in Misterton, and are aged between seven and 11 on gala day. To enter, all you will need to do is write why you want to be a VIP for the day - but don’t do it just yet! The competition details will be finalised after Easter, and entries invited in May. The organisers hope to have a parade from Station Road to the old school. If you would like to take part, call Tracey: 07887 664883. If you want a stall, call Nikki on: 891629.

THE MISTERTON CENTRE - Bank Holiday Closure - The Misterton Centre will be closed on Tuesdays 26th April and 3rd May, following the bank holidays.

RESOURCE for older people - There’s a resource centre for older people every Thursday from 10am- 3pm in the Butter Market at Retford Town Hall. The aim of the resource centre is to promote the independence of older people in the Retford area. This is done by providing links to local services that can help them remain safe while living in their own homes. The Resource Centre also gives people the opportunity to socialise and take part in a wide range of activities.


Mr C. Bell, 01673 818228

STATIONS OF THE CROSS - Tomorrow (Good Friday) the 15 stations are being celebrated in 15 different churches in the area. Station Four will be at St Peter and St Paul Church, Owmby-By-Spital, at 10.30am, and Station Five at St Peter’s Church, Normanby-By-Spital, at 10.50am.

FAMILY SERVICE - On Sunday 24th April Canon Peter Godden will conduct a Family Service and Baptism in St Peter and St Paul Church, Owmby-By-Spital, at 11am.

CHURCH FESTIVAL - St Peter’s Church, Normanby-By-Spital is mainly 12th to 15th century, with 18th century additions including Benediction boards. Work by local artists will be on display. Disabled access. Refreshments. The church will be open from 10am-5pm on both Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May.

The 11th century St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Owmby-By-Spital will be open on Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May from 10am-5pm on Saturday and from 10am-4pm on Sunday.

ART ON THE MAP - On Saturday 7th May and also on the 14th, the public can call at Keeper’s Cottage, Main Street, Normanby-By-Spital from 11am-5pm. Call Janet on: 01673 878795 for more information.

LIBRARY CALL - Lincolnshire County Council mobile library will be at Sands Walk, Fen Road, Owmby-By-Spital from 10-10.30am and at Normanby-By-Spital Council Houses from 10.45-11.15am on Monday 9th May.

EVENING PRAYER - on 1st May will be held in St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Owmby-By-Spital at 6pm.


Mr C. Bell, 01673 818228

EASTER SERVICE - Tomorrow (Good Friday) Station Three of The Stations Of The Cross will be held in St Helen’s Church, Saxby, at 10.10am.

CHURCH FESTIVAL - As part of the West Lindsey Churches Festival on Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May, St Helen’s Church, Saxby will be open on both days from 10am-5pm. Refreshments available.


Mr C. Bell, 01673 818228

EASTER CHURCH SERVICE - On Sunday 24th April the Rev Jeff WIlson will celebrate Sunrise Communion in St Nicholas Church, Snitterby, at 8am.


Mr C. Bell, 01673 818228

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL - St Mary and St Peter Church, Waddingham, held its annual public meeting in the committee room at the Jubilee Hall on Wednesday 6th April, with Phillip Dewick (chairman), Mrs Ann Sykes (secretary) plus seven others present. Phillip reported on the past year and the efforts to increase the congregation. He was re-elected as churchwarden and Ann was re-elected as secretary and Alison Richardson agreed to assist her. The second position as churchwarden was left empty, and Mrs Jenny Major agreed to continue as assistant. Brian Milton will again be asked to act as auditor. Mrs Jackie Wainwright was appointed as electoral role officer and will contact those on the role so as to update it. The PCC members present were re-elected.

METHODIST GUILD - On Tuesday 26th April the AGM will be held in Waddingham Chapel at 7pm followed by a talk by Mrs Anne Spolton entitled Childhood Memories.

BINGO - The next session in the Jubilee Hall is on Saturday 30th April.

EASTER CHURCH SERVICES - Today (Thursday) Maundy services will be held at Kirton Lindsey and Scawby, both at 7pm. On Sunday 24th April the Rev Enid Knowles will preach in Waddingham Methodist Chapel at 10.15am.

CHURCH FESTIVAL - St Mary and St Peter’s Church will be open from 10am-4pm on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May as part of the West Lindsey Festival. Everyone welcome.

JUBILEE HALL - The AGM will be held at 7.15pm on Tuesday 10th May.

LIBRARY CALL - Lincoln County Council mobile library will be at Waddingham Green from 2.15-2.45pm on Monday 9th May.

METHODIST GUILD - On Tuesday 26th April, the AGM will be held at 7pm at Waddingham Chapel, this will be followed by Mrs Anne Spolton at 7.30pm with Childhood Memories.

METHODIST SERVICE - Sunday 1st May, Mr Ian Hardcastle of Middle Rasen will preach in Waddingham Methodist Chapel at 10.15am.


Mr C. Bell, 01673 818228

CHURCH FESTIVAL - As part of the West Lindsey Festival, St Nicholas’ Church, will have the theme Hobbies and Leisure with floral displays and photographs.

There will be a cake stall and refreshments. Saturday 7th May, 10am-5pm and Sunday 8th May, 11am-4pm. All welcome.

LIBRARY CALL - Lincolnshire County Council mobile library will be at School Lane from 1.30-2pm on Monday 9th May.


Mr C. Bell, 01673 818228

FESTIVAL WEEKEND - St Peter’s Church wil be taking part in the West Lindsey festival on May 7th and 8th. Open Saturday 10.30am-4pm and Sunday 10.40am-4pm. There will be exhibits from the past with flowers explaining the recent extensions of kitchen and toilet.

Lunches and refreshments available. Disabled access. Everyone welcome.

HOLY COMMUNION - Sunday 1st May, Rev Michael Sheard will celebrate Holy Communion in St Peter’s Church at 9.30am.