New series of lectures to be held at Gainsborough House

The Gainsborough Heritage Centre is hosting a course of lectures every Wednesday during March to be given by Paul Howitt-Cowan at Gainsborough House.

Due to the success of Paul Howitt-Cowan’s lectures, this will be his fourth series of lectures on Gainsborough’s local history and heritage.

This year the lectures focus on Churches and the role of religion within the UK during the 18nth century, and the lecture on Wednesday, March 7, called 1851: The year of two censuses and the second one was to have a dramatic impact on the Churches, will focus on the impact of the 1851 census that recorded vital information on the attendance of religious services.

Next, on March 14, is Rev George Langton Hodgkinson MA: a man for our times, March 21, is Rev Canon Charles Moor MA: A man destined to rise through the ranks until his sudden and unexpected resignation and on March 28, it is The Gothic Revival: how did it impact on Gainsborough and District?

The lectures will begin at 7.30pm at Gainsborough House in Parnell Street, Gainsborough, and the cost of each separate lecture will be £4 with tea and biscuits available during the interval.

The Gainsborough Heritage Centre is located in North Street, Gainsborough.

Further details can be obtained about the course of lectures by emailing, visiting or calling 01427 610526.