New jobs joy is fanplastic news

Paragon Flexibles, Heapham Road Industrial Estate, Gainsborough. G110119-1b
Paragon Flexibles, Heapham Road Industrial Estate, Gainsborough. G110119-1b

It had to happen eventually. After months and months of job cuts, Gainsborough folk being made redundant and services being stretched to capacity, this week a ray of light finally shone on the town.

On this week’s front page we at Standard Towers finally had the excuse we needed to use our trusty Gainsborough On the Up logo thanks to the news about 100 new jobs for the town.

You won’t hear it from me often but well done West Lindsey for giving plastics firm Paragon Flexibles the green light to expand their premises.

It is so easy for these types of applications to get kicked into the long grass when one resident whinges about access or the height of one stupid blooming fence.

But not this time!

The Not In My Back Yard Brigade were silenced by the voice of reason.

This should also hush up the legion of readers who are always cornering our staff and asking them why we never promote the positive things in Gainsborough.

All too often The Captain comes under fire for not celebrating the town’s success – well put this in your landlubbing pipes and smoke it – because I’m shouting it from the crow’s nest!

Let us all hope this is the first hint that the recession, along with the dark winter nights, is starting to draw back, and brighter times lie ahead.

At the very least it should get a few dole claiming lay-abouts off their sofas and back into work where they belong.

It is great news all round.

Far too many undeveloped sites are spread around Gainsborough that have yet to be turned into glossy new businesses/amenities.

These grot spots act as a magnet for bored kids and druggies looking for somewhere to vandalise or get up to no good.

Our former magistrates’ court had all of its windows needlessly smashed not that long ago, leaving glass scattered all over its loosely fenced-off car park.

But almost everyone ceased building or developing anything in 2010.

Between this and McDonald’s coming to town there’ll be no excuse for job seekers.

Now if the council can only sort out the road system in and around the town, we’d be laughing.

I do understand however that they have been busy taking down all the Christmas decorations (see rant below).

There’s plenty on my list currently that wants doing round this town.

Including making sure we’ve got plenty of grit in storage somewhere.

Ridding the town of temporary traffic lights.

Fixing the broken awnings in the Market Place and putting in a centrepiece of some sort.

And cleaning the village war memorials - some of which are in a right state.

I could go on all day.

If you lot have got any to add please feel free to write to my letter locker – together we can sort it.