Mum is fundraising for the hospital which nursed her premature son back to health

Harlan Isaac is now a healthy one-year-old
Harlan Isaac is now a healthy one-year-old

A Gainsborough mum is continuing to help raise money for the hospital which nursed her prematurely born son back to health.

On December 27, 2015 Harlan Isaac was born weighing a tiny 4lbs and 13 and a half ozs after his mum, Callie Muxlow, was taken into hospital with pre-eclampsia and when it started to affect her kidneys she was induced.

Harlan seemed healthy however after a few days of him being unwell is was discovered that he had a twisted bowel and was admitted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

He was operated on and two weeks later his parents, Callie and Isaac Ash, were allowed to take their son home.

Harlan is now a healthy one-year-old boy.

To thank the hospital for the support they gave to her family Callie has been helping fundraise for them ever since.

Last year she arranged a sponsored walk which helped raise £1,689.54 and this year she is hosting a charity night with comedy hypnotist Dave Rawson, as well as an auction and raffle, at The Blues Club in North Street, Gainsborough on Friday, February 24, at 8pm.

Tickets are £7.50 and are available from Callie by calling 07946 581161.

Callie said: “We are hoping to raise a further £750 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Magnolia House.

“We feel so passionate about raising funds for this wonderful charity.”

Magnolia House is a group of 11 flats run by donations which allows families to stay close to their loved ones when they are in hospital.