Mr Leigh should back planned tobacco laws

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IT is always a privilege to meet individuals from in and around Gainsborough who go out of their way for the greater good of the community.

Whether it’s a simple gesture or a grand campaign, these are the people that make life easier and more worth living for the rest of us. The Gainsborough Standard was delighted to present Miss Kelly Kenny with one of our coveted Teacher’s Roses this week, after she went far beyond the call of duty in returning from maternity leave early to come to the rescue of her pupils. If you know a teaching hero, please get in touch and let us know.

Elsewhere, it seemed fitting to read of the important help and information provided by local residents in jailing Lee Ross for burglary.

We should all take inspiration from individuals like these.

With a Citizen’s Advice Bureau given the green light by the town council, and with hard times and service cuts ahead, let us all make an effort to make 2011 the year of community spirit.