MP welcomes drop in unemployment to record low

Gainsborough MP Sir Edward Leigh.
Gainsborough MP Sir Edward Leigh.

More people are in work in Gainsborough than ever before, according to the latest figures.

Unemployment is now at a 40-year low, and the number of people claiming the key out-of-work benefits has fallen by 574 since 2010, which repesents a drop of 32 per cent.

Across the East Midlands, which includes the Gainsborough area, the number of those in jobs now stands at 2,406,408, which is an increase of 263,501 compared to eight years ago.

The statistics have been welcomed by the town’s MP Sir Edward Leigh, who also points out that the number of young people without jobs has fallen by an average of 140 every day since the Conservatives came to power.

Sir Edward said: “Unemployement continues to fall to record lows, and with wages rising faster than prices, pay packets can go further.

“That means more people have the security of a job and are able to provide for their families.

“The government will continue to take the balanced approach our economy needs to support businesses and to create better, well-paid jobs, ensuring our future security and prosperity.”